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Sam, whose favorite song is, “Lakehouse” performed by Of Monsters and Men, says: “I am extremely blown away by this response! You are spot on with everything! Especially with the last paragraph, most of my favourite songs have the whole band singing together. Reading through this I definitely learnt some things about myself. Thank you!”

A New Way to Understand Yourself Better

So YOU Can Make Better Choices

Have you ever wondered at the subtleties and
hidden messages in your favourite song?

Read My Song Read My Soul

You might be wondering if a Song Read can really tell you all this about yourself. Well you’re not alone! Many of my clients have been amazed and said that they didn’t realize that so many things could be uncovered by a song. Take a quick look at what these clients have to say;

Jonathan, whose favorite song is, “I Like Dreamin’” performed by Kenny Nolan, says: “That was a pretty cool description of me and what and who I am. On a scale of 1-10 I’d give it a 9.2”
Paul, whose favorite song is, “The Death of Me” performed by City and Colour, says: “Nice work! How do you work this out? A great gift!”

What are the secret messages in Rock n Roll?


Deep inside your favourite song lays the secret messages that unlock your psyche and all of your potential. Song Reads are a tool that can give you insights into your world that’s happening now.


We all share a deep call to our intuition and understand that the way to know ourselves deeply may be way bigger than our capacity to grasp knowledge through our traditional 5 senses. Song Reads are new and unlike anything else and are designed for you if you love your music and are trying to know yourself better.


Songs and music allow you a freedom of interpretation, imagination and emotional response. As your mind, body, emotions and Soul resonate with the music; the sound activates energetic patterns in your energy field.


Each song opens a doorway to spirit and acts as a blueprint for a possibility that those listening can choose to embody. For example classical music is praised for its virtues to help people think clearly and more efficiently, whilst many people delight over the relaxing and soothing emotions new age music helps them to feel.

Read My Song Read My Soul

By delving deeply into the energy in your favourite song and the energy in you, Song Reads present a fascinating picture of you and your potential.

Just as you have a unique fingerprint for yourself, your own personal Song Read is unique too.

You don’t need to do quizzes to uncover the secret sides of your personality

Have you lost control of your world? Do you feel powerless in your relationships? Do you want self-knowledge to help you gain freedom and make sense of things? Are you living your purpose? The little known information in your own personalised Song Read can help.

Read My Song Read My Soul

How to gain insight and become happy

Song Reads can provide direction, insight and clarity and open you to new possibilities and perspectives so that you feel empowered to pursue what you truly love.

You might be wondering if it is really this easy to find guidance. I know exactly how you feel. In fact, I felt the same way trying to find guidance anywhere and everywhere. And up until recently there was a steep learning curve. It was worse than most people realize! But a few years ago I found a simple way to receive guidance. I was able to receive guidance quickly and easily and all I had to do was listen to favourite songs, and when I think about it…it was actually fun!

Hayden, whose favorite song is, “One” performed by U2, says: “It isn’t often I say that someone knows me better than myself but obviously you do! Your interpretation of my song was so insightful, and in fact you pointed out things that were true about me that I hadn’t thought of!!! Thank you so much for your thoughts – you made my day.”

Introducing the new and powerful system for self-knowledge


How to know yourself better so you can live the
fulfilling life you desire


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If you don’t find out about yourself now
you’ll hate yourself later


Do you make these mistakes about yourself?

  • Do you think you’re not loving when you are
  • Do you think you’re not creative when you are
  • Do you think you’re not generous when you are
  • Do you think you’re not clever when you are
  • Do you think you’re not humorous when you are
  • Do you think you’re not talented when you are
  • And on and on…

Find out once and for all and bring to an end the highlighting of areas in life which don’t make you happy

Wouldn’t you prefer an experience that leaves you feeling
better about your own capabilities and affirms you?

James, whose favorite song is, “Ah!Sweet Mystery of Life” performed by Bing Crosby, says: “Thank you for your reading of my favourite song. It is all very true. I am a romantic and gentlemanly person. I love the Harp; it is a very special instrument for me. It was a favourite song of my old Art Teacher. I think that the theme of the song is rather positive, that the meaning and the most important thing in life is love.”

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personalised Song Read at HALF PRICE Made to sell for $99.95

Special introductory price $49.95



At Last! The Rock and Roll approach to Insight and self-
knowledge, so you can uncover who you really are and who
you’re meant to become


Why are Song Reads the new phenomena? Here’s why…

  • Song Reads help you to uncover who you really are and who you’re meant to become
  • Song Reads give you advice and guidance and help you know if you are following the right path that was destined for you
Mia, whose favorite song is, “Dearest” performed by The Black Keys, writes:
“The interpretation, it is really lovely. I do consider myself a good communicator; I am trying to write a novel so written communication is especially important to me. I also believe I have qualities of a healer; I’m quite sensitive / empathetic to what’s happening even if it isn’t initially clear.”

Read My Song Read My Soul

  • Song Reads provide direction, insight and clarity and open you to new possibilities so you can make better choices so you can live the life you desire
  • Song Reads ring true, so you can relate to them very well. They seem to point the way to happiness
  • Song Reads enhance the enjoyment of your favourite music so you can experience and appreciate your favourite song on a completely new level and connect more deeply
Luke, whose favorite song is, ‘Losing My Religion” performed by R.E.M, writes:
“Your interpretation is very accurate. I was 12 when I first heard this song. I’ve always thought the phrase “Losing my religion” to not be about religion but a loss of faith that leads to a loss of hope. The angst of the character in the lyrics. To hear a song that sounded very different to what you’d hear back then grabbed my attention. The open expression of raw emotion the song has, particularly Michael Stipes lyrics and voice and the tones of the mandolin.
  • Song Reads give you assurance so you can amplify your unique inborn talents and skills, so you can further improve the quality of your life
  • Song Reads help you remember what inspires you so you can find the conviction to practice this in the world, so you can fully express your inner self


  • Song Reads give a new perspective on life and help you discover signposts to what makes you uniquely you, so you can finally live the essence and magic of you
  • Song Reads helps you to uncover your authentic self and your unique potentials which only you have to offer. You are confident to take action with your goals and dreams so you can live your life with purpose and significance
  • Song Reads give you personal attention, so you can feel special and good about yourself
John, whose favorite song is, “Caution to the Wind” performed by Rick Young, writes:
‘Thank you very much for the email. I thoroughly enjoyed it! (Because it’s about me – ha ha.) It feels very accurate for what’s going on for me right now.”
  • Song Reads help you to see and experience yourself with more clarity than ever before so you can determine your life path and the best career to make things work better
Kelly, whose favorite song is, ‘Hey Brother” performed by Avicii, writes:
“Wow, thanks, there is much info here that is me. I really appreciate you taking the time to create this for me.”
  • Song Reads are enlightening so you can experience insight, purpose and meaning in your life. You ‘get it” in a new way and finally know what to do
  • Sometimes, the greatest purpose of a Song Read is to confirm what your intuition is already telling you. It’s just nice sometimes to have another person who has an intuitive ability to give you a second opinion
  • Read My Song Read My Soul

  • For many people Song Reads provide something deeper – connection with your Soul and the whole cosmos so you can be at peace with yourself. Song Reads can be insight into your Soul
Philip, whose favorite song is, “Scarborough Fair” transcribed and performed by Per-Olov-Kindgren, writes: “Thank you so very much. I agree my soul is speaking to me and telling me what it needs. In my mind I know exactly what I want and where to live and also what I need from life. I know one day I will succeed.”
  • And don’t forget, Song Reads are sheer entertainment, so you can feel good about yourself and want to share this knowledge with others
Natalie, whose favorite song is, “Oh What a Night” performed by The Four Seasons, says: “Just read my reading on my song. Scary, ha but so true. I am already a mother to five kids and it’s so true I have a fantastic relationship with them all, we are sooo close and I see and hear of them every day. I am always there when they need me and I know when to leave them to it. Also, it was correct about friends, I get on great with a lot of people but I prefer only to keep a few close to me. These are friends I’ve known for over 20 years and they have never let me down. I was impressed how close you read me from just a song but it certainly made me smile.

Read My Song Read My Soul

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You might be wondering what’s a Song Read Worth?

  • Some friends suggested I should charge $300 for these Song Reads—not based on the word count (after all, most Song Reads range from only 400 words to only 800 words long,) but on the specialized information they contain “This is a minuscule investment,” they argued, ”compared to the insights these Song Reads produce. And these Song Reads are not computer generated, but have the human touch and are handmade especially for you.”

  • However, I decided to offer these Song Reads at half price for just $49.95 (instead of $99.95) each. I may raise the price later, but for right now, I would rather make these Song Reads available to as many people as possible at an affordable price.

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