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So you can make better choices and live the life you desire

Here’s a sample extract of a Song Read with client feedback from Joshua, whose favorite song is,“The Shadow” performed by Richie Kotzen:

Hey Awen…

Being that the analysis was quite favourable/flattering – it’s not likely that I’m going to reject your summary, right?! But, I have to say, you DID hit the nail on the head quite a few times… It’s hardly cheating now that you’ve already provided your analysis, but just for you own satisfaction, I can confirm a few things that you have mentioned, if you’re interested!

Now, for starters, I should point out that I find it EXTREMELY difficult to actually pick “a favourite song,” and usually can’t even pick a favourite artist/band, let alone a song! But, so saying, I REALLY wanted to hear what you had to say, and so, the song I picked is one I have always loved, and every time I hear it, it does something for me. I’m playing it as I type just to recapture what it is I like so much about this song!

1) “The sound of the guitar strings are beautiful for you. The deeper meaning and the hidden purposefulness of life seems to be the deeper meaning for you”

– You could NOT be more accurate with this statement! I am a guitar player, and I teach guitar by day, and perform at nights – It is truly what I have based my life around! The guitar IS beautiful to me, and Richie Kotzen is one of my (many) favourite guitar players – I won’t bore you with why, but he is world class at what he does, be that as a guitar player, a singer, AND a composer…

2) “You are deep and mysterious. You are a lover. You think deeply and you are happy for your emotions to be expressed. You are at home in your emotions and you feel alive expressing your emotions.”

– I don’t know if you follow Astrology, but I’m sure you have a basic knowledge, (if not more) of it! I am a Scorpio, and although you can’t take anything about the signs as Gospel, I DO seem to exhibit traits that they attribute to Scorpio! As a result, I have often been described as Deep and Mysterious and also Secretive, haha… The fact is, I am a private person – and this is often perceived as the above! At the same time, I am very emotional, yet I will NOT always give away what I am thinking/feeling – and have also been accused of having No Heart, being Cold, Heart of Stone, etc… Let’s just say if I ever had an interest in playing Poker, (I don’t!) I would probably be OK at it!

NOW – as an almost contradiction, Music and guitar playing has become my public outlet for those emotions – it has been my therapy, my saviour – and what started as a hobby became my Life! Incidentally, I often wonder why there aren’t more Female musicians around. My theory is, women are SO more open with their emotions as a rule than men, so why are they not expressing it through music? It seems the ratio of men to women guitar players is quite crazy – If I had to guess, it could be as nuts as 80:1 or something! (No idea, just a guess!) – Just a thought!

3) “You have a good sense of humour. You have a very deep, beautiful smile, which goes through your eyes and your heart. You have a very sincere, deep smile.”

– I DO have a good sense of humour – and I blame/credit my Dad for this! (Blame him for the bad jokes I make, but credit him for everything else!) I can’t comment on my own smile, (since I don’t usually see it!) but I know how it feels when I do it, and to me, that’s what matters…

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