Do you believe people criticize you?

people, criticism, pain, bad relationships, low self-esteem, alcohol and lifestyle concept - unhappy single man with beard drinking beer at bar or pub

people, criticism, pain, bad relationships, low self-esteem, alcohol and lifestyle concept – unhappy single man with beard drinking beer at bar or pub

Have you felt the pain of criticism? If you are like me you have and so, I’m so happy to let you know that my new self-help book, How To Beat Criticism and Feel Good is finally here.

Criticism is my big wound and I know I share this pain with many people in the world. We all have wounds and without realizing it this pain may control our lives. Our pain may control us with fear, insecurity and sometimes our pain may keep us from enjoying happy relationships and leading a life of happiness and success. Our pain often affects our choices, reactions, likes and dislikes. Another words, our pain and wounds can unhinge us.

My little self-help book, How To Beat Criticism and Feel Good, addresses the pain we feel with criticism and shows you simple easy ways to move forward and reclaim power over your pain, so that you can feel happy and successful.

Wouldn’t you rather feel PRAISE rather than CRITICISM? One of the favorite books I’ve read is a book which deals in a big way with PRAISE!

This little book, which influenced my business years in a big way is, “The One Minute Manager” by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.  I read this little book years ago and it influenced me profoundly. Let me explain why:

Going back 25 years or so, my partner Mick and I had ambitions in the art field and we had established a successful art business which we desired to grow. We understood that people were our most important asset and we realized that if we wanted to steer the business to success we would need a great management system which we could roll out among all of our team members and managers.

Shortly afterwards, Mick, who is a resourceful guy, came to the office, proudly waving around the book, The One Minute Manger. This management system is focused on PRAISE, rather than CRITICISM. We were so excited! Finally a management system which made sense, both for people, profits and success! We realized straight away that this management system was going to be a major stepping stone in the growth and success of our business. We methodically and carefully implemented the system.

The success was fabulous. Our team members achieved success and happiness in their careers, they felt respected, appreciated, satisfied, happy and recognized. Morale surged. Importantly, team members showed no desire to leave the Company and stayed helping and contributing to the Company’s success for many years.

A year later, after implementing this system at work, our son was born, we realized that The One Minute Manager was working fabulously at work. People like PRAISE!  Why not use the same system raising our son? Why not spend our time praising our son rather than CRITICIZING him! And so we proceeded to raise our children with PRAISE rather than telling them what they were doing wrong and what was wrong with them.

People like PRAISE, they prefer it to CRITICISM. I’m sure you do too.

The amazing thing, was that such a simple 80 page book could produce such big success. One idea and action implemented with tireless precision and commitment worked.

This is the same structure I have tried to emulate with my new, little self-help book, How To Beat Criticism and Feel Good; 80 pages, a quick read, keep the message simple,  take just 1 action to achieve success and happiness and then stay committed with the actions.

PRAISE is wonderful. I love PRAISE and include it in my life. However I was raised as a child with the pain of CRITICISM and I know how much CRITICISM hurts.

Do you believe that you are CRITICISED by your parents, family or peers; or if you are a husband, do you believe your wife nags you and gives you a lot of jip; or, do you still have dark, lingering sensitivities, low self-esteem and pain from your childhood, or, if you feel worried, stressed or depressed and want more peace, success and happiness in your life then this little self-help book can help.

This little self-help book will show you how to:


  • Recognize the tell-tale signs of criticism
  • Respond confidently to criticism
  • Free yourself from the negative clutches of criticism
  • Empower you to live a happy life and feel good


This little book, How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good has the potential to turn around your relationships and help you feel happy with all of the people in your life.

We all deserve to feel happy and successful, it’s our natural state of being. If you believe you are criticized too much, why wait? Do yourself a favor and get your copy of How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good today:

Only for You, Only from Awen

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Posted on November 18, 2016
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