Angel Highly evolved nonphysical being with an incredibly high energetic vibration.

Ajna The third eye, and found between the eyebrows. Ajna is referred to in some spiritual traditions such as Hinduism.

Antakarana Hindu Sanskrit word refers to the central column of energy, running through the body connecting us to The Divine and to the earth. It is the bridge between our higher and lower consciousness.

Astral realm The realm of mind and thoughts.

Aura Part of our subtle energy body. It is like an energy container in which we live.

Bilocation The miraculous ability to appear in two places at the same time.

Chakra Sanskrit term which refers to a part of our subtle energy body. Each chakra is associated with a certain organ and a certain part of the body.

Chi Taoism and Chinese term, chi or qi is the vital life force.

Dharma The path in life that leads both to purposeful living and spiritual growth.

Energy body The subtle life energy system, aura and chakras that surround the physical body.

Esoteric Understood by only a small number of people with specialised knowledge. Can also refer to knowledge that comes from within oneself.

Guides Loving beings, such as ascended masters, guardian angels and spirit guides who exist on a higher spiritual plane. Our guides lovingly guide, love and support us.

Guru Hindu or Sikh religious/spiritual teacher or leader. A God- illumined Guru has realised his identity with the omnipresent Spirit and has attained self-mastery.

Higher self It’s the “you” that is so much more than the physical body. It’s “you” the infinite, eternal, loving and intelligent consciousness.

Meridians Traditional Chinese medicine channels of chi (prana or subtle life energy.) Each meridian corresponds with the main organs of the body. For example, the meridians in the arms correspond with the heart organ. Life energy flows between the meridians.

Monad / Monadic A direct particle of the force of God. The monad supplies us with life force.

Maya The Hindu Sanskrit word meaning the illusion (we call life.) a veiling of the true Self.

Namaste The Hindu Sanskrit word which means I honour your divinity.

Paramahansa Yogananda An Indian yogi and guru considered one of the preeminent spiritual figures of modern times.

Prana Hindu word refers to life force, energy and vitality.

Triquetra A three cornered shape. A recognised symbol in many cultures and religions. Can symbolise ideas occurring in a group of three such as The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Unity consciousness Is the sense that “all is one.”

Yang Taoism. Represents the masculine qualities such as active, hard and driven etc.

Yin Taoism. Represents the feminine qualities such as receptive and receiving and soft etc.

Yin and yang The concept of a duality forming a whole. Nothing is completely yin or yang and each contains the beginning point of the other.

Yogi A person who is a master of yoga.


Jupiter The planet of higher learning, philosophy and good luck.

Mercury The planet of thought, intellect and communication.

Uranus Rules originality, inventions, future events, rebellion and new world order.

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Posted on June 7, 2014
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