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Bio talking points

  1. Awen Finn is the author of the new book Read My Song, Read My Heart, Read My Soul
  2. Awen is a successful blogger and blogs at Read My Song Read My
    • She typically writes about Song Reads, insight, intuition, music and personal development
    • Awen’s philosophy is if you want to be healthy, wealthy and happy you need to have as much insight into yourself as you can.
  3. Awen is the founder of ‘Song Reads,’ which are a unique, incredible tool for offering insights on a completely new level
  • If you want to be amazed by the many things that can be uncovered by your favorite song – then Song Reads are for you.


Product Summary

  • Read My Song, Read My Heart, Read My Soul is the new book by Awen Finn. It is designed for anyone who loves their music and is trying to know themselves better.
  • Awen Finn helps you discover the hidden meanings and secret messages within your favourite songs.By delving deeply into the energy in your favourite song and the energy in you, Song Reads present a fascinating picture of you and your potential.
  • Song Reads can help you uncover who you really are and who you’re meant to become


Sample Interview Topics for Awen Finn

What to do when you don’t know what to do, How to Find Guidance

We all struggle with not knowing what to do at times, and, not knowing how to take control back with our lives. Awen Finn shows how a search for guidance can lead to new perspectives on life.

The quest for intuition, Searching for The Sixth Sense

In the modern world many people think reality is what can be understood through the 5 senses, but this keeps us trapped on the material plane. Reality can be far beyond this.Awen Finn explores how we all share a deep call to our intuition and understand that the way to know ourselves deeply may be way bigger than our capacity to grasp knowledge through our traditional 5 senses.

The energy within sound, songs and music, And What it Means for You

Music allows us a freedom of imagination, interpretation and emotional response. As our mind, body, emotions and Soul resonate with music; the sound activates energetic patterns in our energy field. Awen Finn demonstrates how music connects us to our inner voice and shows how Song Reads are a bridge to help us connect with our inner self, our truth. Each song opens a doorway to spirit and acts as a blueprint for a possibility that those listening can choose to embody.

* Awen is happy to provide a personal Song Read of your or your host’s favorite song so you can experience first-hand her insights and their practical applications.


Sample Interview Questions for Awen Finn

  1. How did the creation of Song Reads come about?
  2. What guidance have you received from your favourite song? What guidance has been particularly important in your own life? How have you applied this?
  3. This book, Read My Song, Read My Heart, Read My Soul, features many prominent songs. How do you choose them? Which Song Reads were the most fun to write? Why?
  4. Why do so many other readers connect with these Song Reads?
  5. Can you give an example of some of the secret messages in favourite songs?
  6. How do you intuit Song Reads? What special skills do you need? Can anyone do it?
  7. How did you first develop the skills or how did you know you had the skills?
  8. How do you receive the information, through pictures? Are you essentially channelling? Or are you feeling the energies, seeing pictures and hearing sounds?
  9. Can you turn your skill on and off?
  10. Do you ever get messages from your guides and spirits about how things are going to turn out, in terms of future events?
  11. When people sort of stop you on the street, or, ask you questions on what you do – how do you describe to them what you actually do?
  12. If you could sit down and have dinner with one of the musicians whose song is referred to in this book who would it be? Why?

* Awen is happy to provide a personal Song Read of your or your host’s favorite song so you can experience first-hand her insights and their practical applications.

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