Soul Music

Soul Music is my brand new book, the follow up to Read my Song, Read my Heart, Read my Soul and continues with my new and powerful system for self knowledge, complete with 55 New Song, Reads. You’ll like this if you love music, love self discovery, are curious are a thinker and are a dreamer. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know what your favourite song, says about you? Soul Music will show you this and much more.

Read my Song, Read my Heart, Read my Soul

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s more important than ever to look within to uncover your true self. Read My Song, Read My Heart, Read My Soul offers a new and powerful system for self-knowledge. This unique book will help you discover the special messages within your favorite songs and these astonishing insights will help you uncover your true self so that you can live the joyous and fulfilling life you desire.

Order Your Very Own Personalised Song Read

Deep inside your favorite song lay the secret messages that unlock your psyche and all your potential. Song Reads are an awesome and fascinating way to discover your personality type so YOU can lead a life of happiness and success. So what are you waiting for? Your own personalised Song Read is within reach. Want to know what your favorite song says about you? Start here.

Song Read Singles

Let’s get you reading today. Why wait? Check out a Free Try Out Edition of a popular Song Read here.

Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation Digital Meditation Album

Experience more peace and relaxation in your life with my Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation Meditation album. Meditation nourishes our bodies and lives. The more we melt away stress and anxiety and connect with ourselves the happier we become. Let this easy meditation guide you to more peace, happiness and success and to a better way of living.

Meditation to Beat Criticism and Feel Good Digital Album

Experience more inner peace and clarity in your life with my Meditation to Beat Criticism and Feel Good album. Meditation frees our minds of clutter and distractions and we feel more centred, empowered and confident in ourselves and our decisions. This powerful guided meditation will help you feel secure, worthy, lovable and peaceful so you can lead a life of happiness and success.

How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good

How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good is my latest book. Have you felt the pain and shame of criticism? If you are like me, you have; so I’ve written this little book to show you that you are not alone and, more importantly, this book offers practical advice and simple techniques to help you beat criticism and feel good.

Do you want to take your journey with me to another level?

If so, then check out my digital course.
The How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good 6-part virtual course is based on my book. This course, which you can do on your own time, will help you create beautiful, radical change by adding up subtle shifts every day and every week. Through each simple shift, you’ll transform your life in awe-inspiring ways you may never have thought possible. Throughout the 6-weeks, I share my personal experience of the How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good method and how you too can apply the book in your own life to help you achieve miraculous results in every area of your life.

Introducing My New Etsy Shop

Inspirational cards and art prints to uplift your Soul
Soul Music inspirational cards and art prints; the perfect gift for musicians and the special musician and music lover in your life.
100 BEST MUSIC QUOTES for daily inspiration

Surround yourself with beauty and positive inspirational words and notice how good you feel.

Freebie: The Ultimate Guide to Discover Your Top 12 Songs

This worksheet and detailed template will guide you through the process of choosing your favourite 12 songs, with tips, prompts and actionable suggestions. It’s all here:

Freebie: Music Art Print

“Music puts a spell on you” – Awen Finn. Perfect for your own home and also the perfect gift. Instant download. Fits into a standard frame 8 x 10 inch MEDIUM: Digital fine art print SIZE: 8 x 10 inches including white border.

Freebie: FREE Bonus Resource Pack

Download this Free Bonus Resource Pack to accompany my book How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good. This FREE bonus pack includes worksheets, detailed templates and bonus affirmations to help you on your journey to beat criticism and feel good.