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“Nutbush City Limits” performed by Ike and Tina Turner

Client: Mia,
I have thoroughly enjoyed intuiting this Song Read for you.


I interpret the hidden messages in your favourite song and music in this way:

You like to have fun.  You have a big personality and you have the confidence to be the centre of attention. There is a sense of drama in you too.

You have a great sense of humour and you entertain people very easily. The entertainer is in you.

You are exceedingly connected to Source and the energy in your legs is very strong. You may be a dancer, gymnast, acrobat, and performer. You are great fun.

You also have a strong throat chakra, so you probably sing and have a good voice. You are a natural performer. And you laugh when I say this. You are also a very grounded person.

You have abundant presence and you know how to bring friends in a group along for a good ride and a good time.

You demonstrate, through your movements, a lot of freedom. Your movements are very free. You are a very dramatic person and you possess a lot of confidence and courage and you are prepared to stand up for yourself. You are assertive.

You express a lot of fun and you have more confidence than many people.

At times you find it hard to express your emotions and your emotions can become clouded. This is a more difficult aspect for you to express, whereas your logical side is very easy for you to express.

You have a lot of yang qualities in you; there is a lot of active power in you and a lot of ‘Aries’ qualities. You go out and get what you want and why not? It is there for the taking.

For you, the secret message is held within the sound of the musical instrument and the persistency of this sound. You are a very persistent individual and you know when to be steadfast and to hold onto your goals. You have a lot of determination. You demonstrate these qualities to people and people learn these qualities from you.

You are upbeat and fun and you don’t take yourself too seriously. And you also don’t take too much in life too seriously either, because often we don’t need to. Many things really aren’t serious and so you treat incidents in this way and this is to your advantage. You don’t tend to become burdened with unnecessary troubles.

The performer really does come through in you. Either a musical performer or a sales executive or teacher, where you can perform by showing students and clients your enthusiasm within a subject matter. You are a naturally enthusiastic individual.  People see you performing and they learn from you qualities of confidence and standing in your own power.

You are a lot of fun and people enjoy being with you because of your fun element and your wonderful laugh. You have a deep laugh.

The beat of this song suits you well. You possess many of the qualities held within this beat. There is a musical element in you of rock n roll.

You stand in your own power with great ease and you are sure, confident and courageous. You have a helpful sense of self-worth, self-belief, conviction, determination and steadfastness.  But you are not overly egotistical. Deep down, it seems that you almost understand that by displaying these qualities others can learn from you. Others learn these qualities just by watching you and this is valuable to bring to the world.

Thank you Mia for sending in your favourite song.

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Posted on December 9, 2014
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