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“Imagine” performed by John Lennon

Client: Charlotte,
It has been a treat to intuit this Song Read for you.

I interpret the hidden messages in your favourite song and music in this way:

You are deep, purposeful and resonant. You have dreams and goals to achieve.

You like the sound of the piano. You are attracted to the resonance and reverence held within this piano sound. It is a deliberate and measured sound. You also possess these qualities of resonance, reverence and the ability to work at a deliberate and measured way towards your goals.

You love this song and you love the sentiment of these lyrics and agree with the values of these lyrics, like so many people do.

You present as quite a serious personality with deep values and you are a deep thinker too.

You are generous and kind.

You are connected to Source with this song and the colour around you when you listen to this song is light green.

Green is one of the energetic colours of the heart chakra. So, the sentiment of this song affects you deeply and sits with your heartfelt values.

You are deliberate in your processes and actions (as opposed to haphazard and off the cuff) and you can easily fulfil the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

You have skills with planning and strategy. You are able to identify the correct goals for yourself, devise a strategy to achieve these goals and are prepared to spend the time to diligently perform the steps, in the correct sequence, to achieve these goals. You are very accomplished and ordered in this way. You work easily in this manner.

Purpose is important to you. It is important that the things you do have purpose.

You are very connected to the element of earth and you find the physical, practical realm very easy to manage, work with and cooperate with. You can handle finance easily as well.

You may like to consider the option of learning about artists and their art making practises along with delving into art appreciation. Perhaps choose to enquire as to how artworks are conceived. This will allow you to become open to different processes which are available to you. This will help you fulfil your objectives.

Another words our imagination works in many ways and a rounded experience of this may very well interest you and bring you pleasure. I sense you would enjoy studying and comprehending this area of creativity. This will give you great scope and introduce some novelty for you.

If this interests you perhaps start with Picasso, (as John Lennon made some wonderful line drawings in a similar way.) Also look at Braque and the famous Renaissance painters especially Giotto for colour and marvel at the back bending artwork of The Sistine Chapel.

The piano sound is the key here for you. This is what hooks you emotionally.

There is pure love in the piano music for you.

You faculty and sense of hearing is strong.

You are attracted to reverence and appreciate this quality in people.

Qualities of prayer, peace, hope and simplicity-(we often make things more complicated than they need to be) are also here.

Thank you Charlotte for sending in your favourite song.

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Posted on June 7, 2014
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