What is Guidance? And Little Known Ways to Ask for it

The definition of guidance, from The Collins Australian Dictionary is; “1) Leadership, instruction, or direction. 2) Counselling or advice on educational, vocational or psychological matters. Sounds helpful?


Guidance is helpful for all of us. Who are your favourite guides? Mentors, teachers, work boss or perhaps wise and old family members? Another source of helpful guidance is spiritual guidance.

Spiritual guidance is guidance given by our Spiritual Guides

We all have spiritual guides. Our guides can be angels, archangels, ascended masters etc. and they work with our higher self to help guide us in this life and show us the way.

We can tune into this spiritual guidance at any time

We have free choice if we want receive spiritual guidance. Remember to pay careful attention and to be open to the guidance and listen with an open mind and heart.

3 Easy Ways to tune into your Spiritual Guidance
So You Can Have More Insight

  • Remember your dreams. Your dreams often hold the solution to your problems. Upon wakening try to remember your dreams and perhaps record the symbols, sensations and story line in a dream journal. How did the dream make you feel? Bepatient and remember that with repetition this process becomes easier.
  • Meditation. With practise your mind and body become still and it is easy to receive spiritual guidance for any areas of your life. Recently, at the end of a meditation, I asked my guides how to best communicate some potentially difficult issues with my partner. That afternoon I was guided to a new book which was sitting on the shelf waiting to be read. I was drawn to a chapter on relationships and this gave me the perfect advice I was seeking.
  • Use Divination tools. Many people don’t feel comfortable interpreting symbols and messages. So consider checking out tools of divination such as oracle cards, tarot cards, angel cards. These are particularly helpful if you pose a specific question and ask your guides to answer through the divination tool. Interestingly, Song Reads can also be used in this way, by posing a question and asking the solution to become apparent through the Song Read.

You can receive guidance in all areas of your life

Give it a try and you will see that the guidance you receive helps you make the best decisions with life purpose, career, relationships, financial abundance and health.

Guidance will help you notice the opportunities that will move you towards your goals.

Often spiritual guidance will help you arrive at your goals in a shorter time span and in a more unexpected fashion. Spiritual guidance will show you when to move around obstacles and when to take a different path.

I have developed my new tool of Song Reads to help you with guidance. Song Reads help you uncover the secret messages in your favourite songs and are for you if you love your music and want to understand yourself better.

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Question: What about you? Do you find spiritual guidance helpful? What ways do you tune into spiritual guidance? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Posted on June 7, 2014
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