What is Intuition and How Can You Tap into it?

The definition of intuition, from The Collins Australian Dictionary is; “Instinctive knowledge of, or belief about something without conscious reasoning. Sounds helpful?


Everyone can access their intuition

We all experience intuition at times, sometimes as hunches. From time to time we refer to it as our inner voice. Have you ever been thinking about someone and then the phone rings and this person is on the other end of the line? This is intuition.

Intuition can contradict what we want to do

Many of us have intuitions to get fit, but find it difficult to pull ourselves off the sofa and exercise! We don’t always want to follow our intuitions.

Intuition can work in mysterious ways

I remember 12 years ago, driving my brother to the airport. Dave had been visiting me for 2 weeks and he was returning home to Chicago. During the car journey I had a sudden intuition that something was wrong and called out to my brother accordingly.

Being post Sept 11th, my brother asked nervously if it was the aeroplane. I replied that I didn’t actually know what was wrong. The aeroplane was safe. We were safe and there was no danger, but I was intuitively being alerted that something had happened to a family member at 11.07am.

I dropped my brother off, returned home and twenty minutes later received a phone call from the local hospital. At 11.07 that morning my son, who was young at the time, had fallen off his skateboard and broken his arm.

Knowing I wasn’t available, my young son had asked a nearby gentleman if he could borrow his phone to arrange for an ambulance to take him to the hospital!

Is intuition wishful thinking?

It is helpfulto pay attention so we can recognize our intuitive sensing. It can be confusing ascertaining if our intuition is pure, or clouded with wishful thinking or projection.

Intuition isn’t always right

Often our intuition is coloured and prejudiced with our own thoughts and emotions. Aim for pure intuition. Pure intuition is always helpful and so it is worth acquiring. Be patient and practise different ways to harness your intuition.

3 Easy Ways to develop your Intuition
So You Can Have More Insight

  • Meditation. Your body and mind become receptive and relaxed and also alert. This is an ideal way to receive pure intuition.
  • Become aware of your body. How do you feel? Open, relaxed, connected to Sourceand joyful? If you are experiencing fear or worry it is probably not pure intuition.
  • Relax yourself and allow your mind to become still. Pick the method of relaxation best suited to you: being in nature, listening to relaxing music, tai chi etc.

So pay attention and you will be amazed how much your intuition is sharing with you.

Question: What about you? Are you intuitive? What ways do you use to develop intuition? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Posted on June 7, 2014
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  • Jorge

    I consider myself a very intuitive man, and in several occasions have predicted events that happened eventually. But, since English isn’t my mother tongue, I tend to confuse “intuition” with “premonition”. What’s the difference between these words? Say I make a guess about someone’s personality based on a stare, its face, and time proves me right. Was that guess an intuition or a premonition? I’m never sure about the right answer to this question. People who have premonitions, are intuitive? Maybe is the other way round? Have both words the same meaning? Whatever the case, I fully agree with the blog. Perhaps intuition is an innate feature (I think it is), but it can be developed, improved, through meditation and awareness. As for me, intuitive by nature, the way I use to sharpen my intuition is observation, analyse everything going on around me.

    • awenfinn

      Hi Jorge, Intuition and premonition both use the same sense the 6th sense. Many people use the word intuition to mean the 6th sense. Premonition is seeing/ hearing/ sensing/intuiting a situation before it happens in real life. (Pre means before in English.) For example, some people will have a premonition of a natural disaster a week before it happens.You are intuitive and can intuit the personality/thoughts/feelings of others. You are also skilled with PREmonition and are able to PREdict future events :))

      • Jorge

        Thank you so much for the explanation !! :)) Now I understand the difference. Talking about a sixth sense, we humans are far behind the rest of the animal kingdom. Animals have countless premonitions, being able to foresee earthquakes, tsunamis an such; besides, their ordinary senses are sharper than ours. When it comes to a sixth sense, it seems we are at a disadvantage with animals, which are very intuitive as well (a dog will bark at a stranger out of sheer distrust yet remain calm before other strangers). If only we could ask them how they do it , the sort of strategy they use !!

        • awenfinn

          Yes animals are interesting. With humans we are raised and taught at school to work with our 5 senses. We are unfortunately not taught how to meditate, how to be happy, how to live a balanced life and how to develop our intuition. Intelligence and science are helpful, but they does not explain everything :))